Revealed: How To Use Trenndify 9G Indicator To Make Millions In Crypto

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4 min readOct 16, 2021
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I shall be revealing to you one of the biggest reasons why few people make it big in crypto. The lack of what I will be showing you is the reason why certain people will never make it.

When I started Trenndify, one of my focuses was to uncover how people become rich in crypto. The question I was trying to find an answer to was what is the secret of those that are making amazing waves in this space.

It is very important to note that the difference between a successful man and a non-successful man lies in what the two people do differently.

It means if you are able to do what a successful man did that made him a success, you will also become successful.

We discovered that those who hit it big in crypto understand how to spot a crypto project that has the potential to make them very good money with time.

Imagine a young Nigerian that spotted the potential of BNB when it was less than $3. He left it until it became $300. The return on that investment was very massive.

The Trenndify 9G indicators is the strategy that will help you to find the best project that will make you big money with time.

The Breakdown of Trenndify 9G Indicators

When you use the 9G indicator very well it will help you to spot the best crypto projects to invest in. This will help you to make good returns on the investment. Here are the components;

  1. Great Value Proposition

The value proposition of a business shows the problem that a business wants to solve and the proposed solutions. The problem a crypto project seeks to solve should be very important.

The reason is that when they succeed at it the value of the token will appreciate. The way to get the value proposition of a crypto project is in their whitepaper. This can easily be found on Conmarketcap.

2. Great Product

A great value proposition should produce a great product. What I mean by a great product is that the product should solve the problem that it set out to solve. A good example is Chainlink.

It is an oracle crypto project that aims to provide external data for smart contracts. This will help smart contracts to interact with the external data, which in turn increases the efficiency of smart contracts.

3. Great Team

A great project should have a great team. This is because what matters in business is not an excellent idea but the ability to execute an excellent idea.

You have to check the competence of the team behind the project. Can they execute the roadmap? How experienced are they?

4. Great Exchange

Most crypto projects are affiliated with some exchanges. These exchanges offer Initial Exchange Offering (IDO) services.

Before they do this, they would research them and incubate them. The more reputable the exchanges the better it is for your decision making.

If there is no exchange affiliated with the project, that should be a red flag. Binance launchpad excels in this area.

5. Great Partnership

A crypto project solving a very important problem in the industry will not lack partnership. A good example is Chainlink. There are many blockchain companies that are partnering with them to leverage on their solution. Partnership shows that a project is actually solving a problem and that the token has use cases.

6. Great Supply

When it comes to crypto assets, since the core pillar of the technology is decentralization, it means the lower the supply of the token the better it is for the token value.

This is simply because most crypto assets are controlled by the forces of demand and supply. The reason why the price of BTC will keep rising is due to its finite supply (21m) coupled with the halving event.

7. Great Community

Who is talking about the crypto project? If it is only you that is talking about them, that is a red flag. If they have very few fans and social media following, that is a red flag.

A great community shows that people believe the project and some have bought some tokens. Social media accounts of crypto projects are a good way to know their community and follow what people are saying about the project.

8. Great Onchain Analysis

There are data about the transaction taking place in the crypto project that should be valuable to you in making a decision to buy into a crypto project or not. Some of the blockchain data can be found in blockchain explorers.

They include; whale transactions, total locked value (TLV) of the token. The higher the percentage of total locked value, the better it is for holders because it shows that investors are still holding the token and waiting for a time in the future to take profit.

9. Great Announcement

A great crypto project with a future announcement is a signal that the price of the token will appreciate. Examples of the announcements include, when a particular project is about to raise funds, a new update on the project, a new product to be released etc. Always look forward to a great announcement in good crypto projects.

Final Thoughts

These are the Great indicators that should guide you in knowing a token or crypto project that will have great potential in 6 months time. The 9G tool will help you to separate shitcoins from good crypto projects. Coinmarketcap is a good place to get some of the information for the above research.

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