Why You should not sell-off all your crypto Holdings?

Coin Dollar
2 min readJan 21, 2022

Do you know it’s not right to sell off all your crypto holdings?

A secret only you should know.

The lack of this knowledge is why many regret a month after selling their holdings.

Well, last year was a very great one for crypto players.

Many people made thousands of dollars.

But all they were doing was merely speculation.

They were there for the quick gain, not for the growth gain.


I think I should explain the concept of quick gain and growth gain.

Quick gain is when someone invests in what will give him money in a short time.

For instance, those that invest in Dogecoin.

They did that for quick gain.

Well, it is a good way of doing business for some people.

But here is the downside.

People who put money somewhere for quick gains don’t have knowledge about the project.

They do it blindly.

Are you following…?

Yes, you are, of course.

Secondly, the growth gain.

It is investing to enjoy the growth of the project.

People that do this type of investment have knowledge about the project.

They enjoy the growth in the long run.

Let’s go back to what I want to share with you in this email.

The reason why you should not sell off all your crypto holdings is because of growth gain.

Here is an example.

Say I bought 1000 units of AXS for $2 per token.

Then after a month, it rises to $8.

I may decide to sell just 500 units.

This will give you an ROI of 200%.

Then leave the remaining one till sometimes in the future.

If you can be disciplined, AXS could become $200 per token.

And you will have a big party when it does rise to that level.

Even if it falls, you won’t have regrets because you have made your $$.

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